Taehyung considered “Lex” and “Six” as his stage names

V said if he hadn’t become part of BTS, he would have become a farmer and worked with his grandmother pulling up weeds

Kim Taehyung is a big fan of the girl group Girls’ Generation

Taehyung’s bucket list includes travelling with his family, having at least three to five kids, and getting Soonshim (his dog) married

In 2017, V’s face was picked as the most handsome in the world, topping TC Candler’s annual list of 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year

TaeTae’s ideal woman is thoughtful, cares for him a lot and uses money wisely. He likes long-haired woman who is chic on the outside but has warm heart

V likes going to amusement parks. His ideal date is going to an amusement park and holding hands

Taehyung hasn’t been in a serious relationship yet. His hope is to marry his first love

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