How you like that, the song was made in two languages Korea and Japan

Kill this love, is the second extended play of the song Kill this love

Ddu-du Ddu-du is a part of ‘Square Up’ album which reached 1 million views in a year span of time

Don’t know what to do, the lyrics of the song was written by famous Korean American rapper Teddy Park

Ice cream in collaboration with Selena Gomez was released in 2020

Sour Candy is in collaboration with famous American singer Lady Gaga

See U Later was released in 2018, which is still a favourite song for many BLINKS

Kiss Me and Make up, is one of the BLACKPINK songs which has no Music Video

Playing With Fire is a song about how love is like a raging fire that cannot be put out. It expresses the emotions and desires that every girl goes through

Really the only song of BLACKPINK which was Romanized