365 Days This Day, To Release On This Date

Netflix, at last, reveals the official trailer of 365 Days This Day.

The film has been the latest sequel to 2020 steamy and sexually exciting love drama 365 Days.

The main film was adopted from Fifty Shades of Grey that depicts the story of a young woman named Laura who has been captured by a Sicilian gangster named Massimo for one year means 365 Days, and that is elaborating the concept of the film.

As the intention is for her to become in love with him.

For the second time, it reveals Laura and Massimo getting involved in an actual relationship and making a deal with Massimo’s family loyalty, the twist comes when a strange, mysterious, and handsome take man enters into her life.

We will also see Sieklucka and Morrone performing their role in his sequel.

365 Days This Day, Release Date. This new 365 Days This Day will hit on Netflix on 27th April 2022.