Hritik Roshan was offered the lead role of the movie, as Rajamouli didn’t reveal the full story, Hrithik rejected the movie. Prabhas was the next best option available to him

John Abraham was the first choice for the role of Bhallaladev and Rajamouli had also sent the script to him. John Abraham had a lot of previous commitments at that time and hence he rejected the movie.

Malayalam film industry Mohanlal was offered the role of Kattapa in the movie. Due to dates issues, Mohal Lal's character was given to Sathyaraj

Vivek Oberoi was also offered the role of Bhalladev, he had rejected it to feature in the film as he had problems with his call sheet

Sonam Kapoor was supposed to play the role of Avantika in this film. She walked out of the project due to date issues

Nayanthara was approached for the Devasena in the film. She refused the role, it was eventually essayed by Anushka Shetty