ARMY Thrilled as Airports Tweet BTS Lyrics, But Why

It’s not unusual for Bangtan Sonyeondan aka BTS to take over Twitter on a daily basis, with fans around the world tweeting about the septet.

However, for more than 24 hours, airports around the globe have been tweeting the lyrics of their songs. Now, as #AirportTwitter dominates trends, their fans, called ARMY, are equally confused and excited at the same time.

Believe it or not but nearly 40 airports mostly from the US suddenly started posting pictures, tagging the pop sensation from South Korea and BTSARMY to express their love.

Soon, pictures of purple skies, a nod to the fandoms colour, along with lyrics of not just their Grammy-nominated English singles like Butter and Dynamite but even Korean songs took over the platform.

It all started first when Orlando International Airport posted a photo of a plane flying over a full moon on Monday. Moonchild, you shine, the official Twitter handle of the airport in Florida wrote referring to group leader RMs song Moonchild from his mixtape Mono.

The tweet quickly got fans attention. However, it wasn’t until a tweet by Texas’ DFW Airport that it grew into a fun campaign, leaving fans baffled and amused at the same time.

Nontheless, fans remain excited and are happy that band’s lyrics are being promoted and has created a happy vibe on Twitter.