Bangtan Boys New Song Run BTS Unveiled, Check Second Part Track List For Proof

Taking to Twitter, the agency released the tracklist for CD 2. It will consist of 15 tracks, including a new song, Run BTS. Several old songs of BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook will also feature on the list.

Incidentally, Run BTS is also the title of the groups own variety show. The songs in the list are Persona, Stay, Moon, Jamais Vu, Seesaw, Cypher PT 3, Ego, Her, Filter, Friend, Singularity, 00:00, Euphoria and Dimple. Sharing the list, the agency added the hashtags BTS, BTS Proof and Tracklist CD 2.

While the new track is Run BTS, the solo songs include RMs Intro Persona, Jins Moon, Sugas Trivia Seesaw, JHopes Outro: Ego, Jimins Filter, Vs Singularity and Jungkooks Euphoria. The subunits are Stay, Jamais Vu and Friends. While the rap line tracks are Cypher 3 and Her, the vocal line songs are 00:00 and Dimple.

The upcoming album of BTS will release on June 10 at 9.30 am IST. Recently, Big Hit Music said in a statement, After ceaselessly sprinting forward since 2013, BTS is celebrating their 9th anniversary this coming June. It is all thanks to ARMY who have sent us your unwavering love and support.

The BTS anthology album that embodies the history of BTS will be released as they begin a new chapter as an artist that has been active for nine years to look back on their past endeavours.

BTS will unveil their new album in June this year.