Ajay Kathurvar is the eighth contestant to get evicted from Bigg Boss Non-Stop

Ajay gave his best in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT, but a few drawbacks led him to elimination

In the first few weeks of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT, viewers were impressed with Ajay's game. But after he joined hands with Akhil, viewers started hating him

It is worth mentioning here that Ajay got distracted from his game and was always seen gossiping with Ashu and Akhil

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers expected that makers may save Ajay for content, but the makers did a fair elimination

As per buzz, Ajay is said to have been paid Rs 32K per day and earned Rs 2.24 lakh per week from Bigg Boss

The total amount earned by Ajay from Feb 26 to April 23 is estimated to be Rs 18.25 lakh