India's Savitri Jindal beat China's to become Asia's richest woman as per Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Here are some details

Savitri Jindal is the richest woman in Asia as per Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Jindal beat China's Yang Huiyan to become world's richest Asian

As per Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Savitri Jindal net worth is said to be $11.3 billion

Savitri Jindal is the only woman in 2021 Forbes Richest Indian list

A native of Tinsukia in Assam, Savitri Jindal married Prakash Jindal in 1970

She took over the reigns of Jindal group after her husband died in a copter crash

Savitri Jindal also has a stint in politics and was a cabinet minister in Haryana