BTS Concert in India 2022 Tickets Price

BTS Concert in India 2022: So, when concert rumors began to circulate, fans were undoubtedly overwhelmed for a little while, but then the financial issue surfaced.

As we all know, every BTS concert hosted throughout the world has set a new record for the most expensive tickets sold, ranging from 50,000K to 5,00000 and beyond.

However, because the country has a large number of fans who are either high school students or underage.

This can be a problem if ticket costs exceed a particular threshold. However, if you are one of them, you should reconsider your visit.

Because, in comparison to other western countries, India's ticket prices are unlikely to rise due to the rupee's low value against the dollar.

Before staging such large events, the firms hosting those concerts and labels in k-pop undertake thorough market research.

Thus an early projection is that if it happens, costs will start at a minimum of Rs.5K to Rs.10K.