BTS Jin Explains Why Seoul Concert Will Be A Loss For Bangtan Boys

BTS members are loved globally. They are practising hard for the Seoul Permission To Dance before the Korean ARMYs.

The concert is from March 10-13 at the Olympic Stadium, which has a capacity of close to 70,000. However, due to the rules, BTS can only perform in front of 45,000 fans.

This is far lesser than the maximum capacity. Kim Seokjin said that BTS is not making any profit from the concert. The company will incur huge costs for security, staff, lighting and so on.

The money made from actual tickets will hardly cover those costs.

BTS ARMY appreciated that Kim Seokjin aka Jin was so honest with them. After that, the septet will go to Las Vegas where all the concert tickets have been already sold out.

They will be performing at the Allegiant Stadium in Los Angeles. Big Hit is one of the biggest companies in K-Pop, and reportedly pays the highest salaries in the industry.

When BTS fans heard this from Jin, they become very emotional. It is a known fact that Korean fans have a special place in the hearts of BTS. This is how people reacted on the same.

Fans are in awe of Kim Seokjin for being so honest. The silver vocalist of BTS is known to be frank with fans. He has told fans before about the time when they thought of disbanding but decided to give it a shot just for the sake of their millions of fans!