Although BTS members are united in Seoul city of South Korea, they hail from different parts of the country

Golden maknae is originally from Busan city of South Korea and speaks Satoori dialect

Park Jimin aka Jimin also hails from Busan, he is pretty good with his dialect i.e, Satoori. He can also speak Japanese

Most Handsome man aka BTS V hails from Daegu and his dialect is Gyeongsang. He is also fluent in Japanese

Min Yoongi aka Suga of BTS is also from Daegu, and speaks the same dialect as Taehyung, i.e., Gyeongsang. Suga is also very fluent in Japanese

Jin grew up in Gwacheon, a city near Seoul. He speaks standard Korean dialect. He can also speak Mandarin very well

Hobi was born and brought up in Jeolla. He is very fluent in Korean, Japanese and Mandarin

Kim Namjoon hails from Lisan. He is fluent in urvan Korean. He can also speak English and Japanese