BTS Memorable Moments From Oscars 2022 Every ARMY Should Read About

Surprise, Surprise! The Bangtan Boys, Jin, RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, V, and Jimin during the 94th Academy Awards surprised everyone by their special appearance.

A pre-recorded video of the BTS Band members was played during the Oscars. In the video, they spoke about movies such as Coco and Aladdin and shared their love for Disney movies.

Aladdin and Coco both were nominated for Academy Award for Best Original Song. While Aladdin was nominated for the award at the Oscars 2020, Coco won the category in 2017.

The shout-out video for Disney Pixa of BTS members started with Jimin excitedly naming Coco which was followed by RM calling it a real masterpiece. I watched it three times and I cried a lot.

V added, Truly, Pixar is unbelievable. However, Jimin confessed he didn’t cry while watching the movie. Overall, I love Disney movies, J-Hope added.

Disney movies stimulate emotions well, Jin said. I really liked Aladdin, Hobi revealed. Shout out to Will Smith, Aladdin, Namjoon said.

BTS ARMY who are usually excited to see their favorite band members were taken by surprise and had a literal meltdown as they flooded the internet expressing their happiness and excitement.