BTS World Tour 2022 Country List

South Korean pop sensation BTS (Bangtan Soneoyandan) has just glimpsed about their world tour 2022 which includes parts of Asia, America, Europe, Australia etc.

As per the insiders of K-pop world reported by Lehren and Asiancommunity news in their 2022 world tour the 7 member boy band are looking forward to perform in 10 Asian countries including India.

The band will perform in eight European cities, ten Asian cities, eleven US cities, three Canadian cities, two Latin American cities, and one Australian city.

However it should be noted that this information is based on speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet from their respective company.

Before staging such large events, the firms hosting those concerts and labels in k-pop undertake thorough market research.

As we all know, every BTS concert hosted throughout the world has set a new record for the most expensive tickets sold, ranging from 50,000K to 5,00000 and beyond.

In the case of BTS it is very important that the sales of their albums are upmark to hold a concert in a particular country.