BTV V and Blackpink Jennie Dating Think BTS ARMY

This isn’t the first time that an idol has been shipped, perhaps even linked to dating another idol in the K-Pop industry.

But for some weird reason, fans are convinced somehow, that BTS’ V aka Taehyung and Blackpink’s Jennie are indeed dating.

For the unversed, a viral image has been making rounds on the internet, where Jennie can be seen with V in a car, clicked by a fan.

The fan further clarified that the image was clicked on Jeju island, in South Korea, where the alleged couple have been rumoured to be vacationing.

Although the image looks blurred, one can easily spot V driving the car, with Jennie sitting right next to him.

Since the image has gone viral, fans have lost their cool completely, as they gave out mixed reactions.

Some believed that the pics are photoshopped, while others were sure that the image is real and that V and Jennie were actually snapped together.