Attitude!! Credit: Aditya Kshirsagar/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021

The ‘smile’ matches its harmlessness. Laughing Snake, Vine snake, India. PHOTO: ADITYA KSHIRSAGAR, INDIA - COMEDYWILDLIFEPHOTO.COM

Monday Morning Mood, Pied Starling, Rietvlei Nature Reserve, South Africa. PHOTO: ANDREW MAYES, SOUTH AFRICA - COMEDYWILDLIFEPHOTO.COM.

Don't worry. Be happy! By Axel Bocker, Germany/ Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021

Shaking Off 2020, Brown pelican, Southern Louisiana. PHOTO: DAWN WILSON, UNITED STATES - COMEDYWILDLIFEPHOTO.COM.

Yes, I did it, Green tree frog, Tangerang, Jakarta. PHOTO: DIKKY OESIN, JAKARTA - COMEDYWILDLIFEPHOTO.COM.

Fluff. Credit: Edwin Smits/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021

The Green Stylist. Credit: Gurumoorthy K/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021

Ouch! Credit: Ken Jensen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021

Did I say you could take my picture?, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Atascadero, California. PHOTO: PATRICK DIRLAM DEWEY, UNITED STATES - COMEDYWILDLIFEPHOTO.COM.