Gal Gadot plays Linnet Ridgeway Doyle, who is a joyful, stylish and obscenely wealthy heiress from a prominent and well-respected family.

Ali Faizal plays the role of Linnet’s cousin and lawyer, Andrew Katchadourian. He handles all the legal affairs of the Ridgeway family.

Kenneth showcased his various talents not only by directing this movie, but also playing the part of the detective - Hercule Poirot, a former policeman.

Tom Bateman plays the role of The Associate AKA Bouc. Bouc is a handsome, charming and good humoured person who acts as the aimless but loveable right hand man for Hercule Poirot.

Known for her character as Maeve from Sex Education series. She is Jacqueline De Bellefort, who is the former lover of Linnet’s husband, Simon.

Get ready for a thrilling ride with Death On The Nile in Cinemas on February 11, 2022.