Does Rashmika Find Vijay Deverakonda as Husband Material

Tollywood heartthrob and soon-to-be Pan India star, Vijay Deverakonda, is worth endorsing as ideal marriage material.

He is successful, shares great chemistry with his co-stars on-screen.

However, off-screen, he is a different man. He appears to be immensely transparent as a person and is a great talker.

While speculations are doing rounds that he is planning to marry his rumoured girlfriend Rashmika Mandanna,

We list down 5 of the many things that make us believe he is the perfect marriage material.

When he slammed a reporter for Rashmika Mandanna.

VD lost his cool and slammed a reporter who asked Rashmika Mandanna about her breakup with Rakshit Shetty.

A perfect workout buddy.

VD is very particular about his fitness and diet. I'm so sure, he will do the same with his partner as well.

A caring, respect-giving man cum best friend.

Rashmika had once said, "I was recovering from my break-up with Rakshit Shetty. I needed comfort and care which I found in Deverakonda. I was struggling to cope up with my emotions and it was him who lifted my spirits.

Dinner dates in between shoot schedules. They have been sneaking about and painting the town red.