In a relationship with a woman, Ezra Miller abused her as 'transphobic', 'Nazi' & even accused her of stealing.

Ezra Miller also been accused of endangering a mother, her three children by housing them on a farm alongside drugs and guns.

He stormed into the house and threatened a family in Massachusetts in February. He was armed and wearing a bulletproof vest.

Ezra Miller is reported to be avoiding the authorities and on the run from the police.

Officials are looking for the star after recent accusations of "grooming and manipulating an underage fan," Marca reports.

On April 19, Miller has allegedly throwin a chair at a woman, which hit her on the forehead and left a half-inch cut, Rolling Stone reports.

Instead of turning himself in, Miller has taunted the police on Instagram and then deleted the account.

All these problems together make a future Hollywood career for the actor seem very unlikely.