Prince Mahesh Babu seems to age like fine wine in a bottle..

As the years pass Mahesh's glamour only seems to get better...

Stunt masters Ram Lakshman shared the secret of his 'milk boy' looks in an interview.

They revealed that he practiced full moon meditation!

Mahesh also has a healthy diet, practices yoga and works out regularly, the twin fight masters said

As the moon is connected to spiritual practices, it is very good to meditate on a full moon day.

And apart from this he spends quality time with his family members to rejuvenate after his hectic shoots.

Mahesh Babu & Keerthy Suresh are all set to wow fans with the mass song “Ma Ma Mahesha” which will release on May 7!

Sarkaru Vaaru Paata makers are reportedly coming up with a pre-release event on May 7th at Hyderabad.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata is the first ever Telugu film to get an exclusive emoji on Twitter with a look of Mahesh Babu from SVP.

Mahesh Babu's fans are super happy & are eagerly waiting for the release of SVP on May 12th...Neither can we!