BTS members follows some crazy diets to keep them fit.

J Hope is one of the persons who loves to eat Kimchi Fried Rice. He always keeps a check on how much he is eating

Jimin relishes his stew kimchi jjigae and other meat recipes as well

Jin ate only two packs of Chicken breasts every day for 365 day and lost 7 k

Suga loves to have garlic in all his meals... Suga never eats anything after 6 PM. He never gives a miss to his exercise.

V enjoys Japchae and Kimbap sandwiches his mother makes for him. He won't take anything before the shooting of any video

BTS RM loves eating Jajangmyeon... Once he had lost weight for the sake of a girl as she likes slim men.

Jungkook drank only water without eating anything for five days before the making of Butter