GOAT of BTS Suga Unseen Pics Every ARMY Should See

Someone hacked BTS member Suga’s verified Spotify profile and uploaded a Bhojpuri song Trending now

While some expressed their confusion after finding out the strange track titled Suga Song on a verified profile, others shared jokes about how Suga would react when he came to know about it.

A Bhojpuri song was uploaded on BTS member Suga's Spotify profile.

If you’re a fan of BTS member Suga and like to listen to the peppy tracks produced by him, then the Spotify artist profile for Suga is not unknown to you.

This South Korean rapper-songwriter has produced quite a number of tracks for the global sensation BTS.

However, ARMYs were in for a shock when they stumbled upon a new track called Suga Song on the rapper’s verified Spotify profile.

Turns out, someone hacked Suga’s Spotify profile to upload the new song there.

That’s not all! The song that has been uploaded is a Bhojpuri bhajan dedicated to Shiva.

The odd song has sparked a lot of reactions from BTS fans and many also suspected that an Indian was probably behind the fiasco.