Holi 2022 How to Protect Your Eyes From Colors When Playing Holi

Holi will be celebrated on March 18 this year, with the Holika Dahan taking place on March 17.

While everyone is looking forward to Friday's celebration, we must be mindful of the dangers of colour and take care to protect our eyes.

Because today's colours are made with chemicals, take precautions to protect your eyes while enjoying the festival.

These tips will undoubtedly help you protect your eyes and have a safe Holi with your family and friends.

Use eye drops while washing your eyes, After playing at a festival, many people start cleansing their eyes with water, but this is a bad idea since it can cause colours to spread in the eyes. For the same reason, eye drops must be used.

Do not touch your eyes, Rubbing your eyes with your hands after playing Holi can cause further itchy and burning feelings. To clear one's eyes from colours, one should always use a clean towel and eye drops.

Contact lenses should not be worn, If a person wears contact lenses in their normal life, they should avoid using them when playing Holi and instead use spectacles. If colours enter the eyes, they may accumulate on the lenses.

Use natural colours instead of chemical-based ones. The easiest way to have a safe Holi is to use natural colours instead of chemical-based ones. Turmeric, flowers, besan, and maida may all be used to make organic colours at home.

These are the most common tips for protecting your eyes from the colours of Holi.