Jimin Confirms BTS RM, Jin in A Relationship

Before opening their personal accounts on Instagram, the BTS members used to communicate with their fans through their official Twitter profile. And it was there that Jimin, through proofs, revealed that two BTS members were a couple.

On one occasion, an April 1st but 2018, Jimin decided to come clean with fans and confirmed that two of his fellow members were a couple, even sharing the proofs of an article.

The idol revealed that BTS leader RM, and Jin, the hyung of all the members, were in a romance since a year ago.

And if you remember what is celebrated on April 1st, you will know that it was all about the idols April Fools Day prank.

Jimin played a prank on ARMY for the so called April Fool’s Day.

The Idol did not hesitate to take advantage of the fact that both idols are one of ARMYs favorite duos and when they tried to enter the link he had shared on Twitter, they were shown a legend that they had been tricked.

This Friday, ARMY decided to revive the memory to commemorate this date full of pranks from the Bangtan members.