Age is no limit to exhibit talent, thus prove Korean pop singers

On the other hand, few talented K-pop Idols entered the industry at an early age

When Jungkook made his K-Pop debut with the BTS band, he was just 15 years old

2NE1 debut in 2009 came when Maknae Minzy was just 15

Jeon Somi of I.O.I was just 15 when she entered the industry

After getting rejected by several companies, I.U made her debut in LEON Entertainment at a young age

Maknae Zelo was just 15 when B.A.P. made their T.S. Entertainment debut in 2012

Suhyun from AKMU debuted too started off early

Hayoung made his stage debut as the group’s vocalist, dancer, and maknae in 2011 at the tender age of 15