K Pop Slangs That Every Fan Should Know

Are you ready to incorporate these slangs into your conversations with fellow K-pop fans?

IDOL, No, this slang does not refer to the 2018 hit BTS song, but it is a term used to describe artists like BTS and other K-pop stars. Because they are more than just singers, K-pop artists are called idols. Earlier Korean singers were called gasu.

GOLDEN MAKNAE, Maknae means the youngest and is often used to describe the youngest member of a K-pop group.

BIAS AND BIAS WRECKER, If you are into K pop, your fellow K pop fans might ask you who your bias is in a certain band. Bias means a favourite member from a K pop group. Conversely, a bias wrecker is your favourite bandmate who is quite close to swaying your allegiance.

SASAENG, This term is used to describe an overly invested fan who crosses the line and is most likely a stalker. A normal K-pop fan might ask for an autograph or a selfie at a fan meeting, but a sasaeng would repeatedly invade an idol’s privacy by chasing them to a washroom or waiting outside their residence.

BAGEL, This portmanteau is made from baby-face and glamorous or sexy body. The term is most often used to describe female idols, like Bae Suzy, there are certain male K-pop stars as well who make the cut like 2PM’s Nichkhun or MonstaX’s Wonho.