EXO’s Chanyeol Started military training on March 29, 2021, expected to finish his service by September 2022

The Rose’s Hajoon, Joined on October 12, 2020, will conclude his service in July 2022

Block B’s Park Kyung Ready to join the military from October 19, 2022

The Rose’s Jaehyung, Started his military conscription on November 9, 2020. He is set to be discharged in August 2022

INFINITE’s L aka Kim Myung Soo, Joined on On February 22, 2021,ready to leave in August 2022

PENTAGOS’s Hui Started his military journey on February 18, 2021. He is expected to finish his service by November 2022.

Teen Top’s Ricky, joined the military on January 18, 2021 and ready to return on July 2022

DAY 6’s Sungjin On March 8, 2021 he joined the military, and supposed to return in early September 2022

Teen Top’s C.A.P joined On May 10, C.A.P enlisted in the military and supposed to release on November 2022

SHINee’s Taemin SHINee’s youngest member joined the military last year on May 31, his release is expected in November 2022