South Korean actress Park So Dam is a household name in the TV circles

Although the actress had worked in several Korean dramas, she became a familiar face after Parasite

Park so dam played a key role in the Oscar winning South Korean film Parasite

Park so dam played the ruthlessly ambitious daughter of Kim family

She won critical acclaim for her role as Kim Ki Jung in Parasite

Park so dam's fan following multiplied after after her praise worthy performance in the movie

Park so Dam was also seen in the hit K drama Cindrella and her four knights

The actress started auditioning fo roles at the age of 17

Park so dam grabbed the best supporting actress from Busan Film Critics Awards for her role in The silenced

She was also played lead in Beautiful Mind, KBS2's medical drama

Of course, Parasite brought her international acclaim

The movie was a box office hit in South Korea and was later screened everywhere

Fans also loved her in the famous Korean drama Jessica Jingle

But did you know that there is more to Park so dam than Parasite?

The talented actor has displayed unmatched versatality in several other shows

Watch 'My first time' in which, Park So Dam plays the protagonist Han Song Yi opposite Tae Oh

Park So Dam plays Gye Jin Sung, a traffic policewoman in 'A Beautiful Mind', Inspired by Mary Shelley's gothic novel Frankenstein

Cinderella and her four knights is a must watch. It's a breeze

'Record of Youth' marked Park So Dam's return to television

Park so dam is a powerhouse actress and you must watch 'The Silenced' to understand what we are saying