Pratha and Rishab's chemistry is getting good TRPs for Colors

In a recent episode and promo, Rishab helps Pratha to get ready for her married to Yash Sarvashreshth Shesh Naag

Later, Yash sacrifices and accepts brahmacharya so Pratha can marry her love

Pratha returns to Gujral's house and see that Rishabh is getting married to Reem. Yash asks Farishta to give Pratha the book of Lord Sheshnaag.

Pratha reads the book and learns about the 7th conspirator who will try to kill Rishabh, she returns to Gujral's house

Reem is married to Ritesh but Rishabh didn't marry Reem because he loves Pratha. Reem agrees to marry Ritesh and move on

Finally, Rishabh and Pratha express their love for each other