Kamaal Rashid Khan, aka KRK, has been trolling SRK for a long time and claims that his career is over

KRK recently held a Twitter poll

He asked the netizens who was the bigger superstar and gave two options: KRK and Shsha Rukh Khan

Many of the fans expected that Shah Rukh Khan would be the clear winner. But, here is the twist

The results of the poll were shocking. 52.1% of people voted for KRK and 47.9% of people voted for SRK

After the results, KRK tweeted that 1.15 lakh people had voted to say that KRK is a bigger star than SRK

So now SRK fans should never say that I use SRK name for publicity. Because i'm thebrandKRk today. Thank you people for your support, he added