Respect Jungkook Say BTS ARMY After Hate Comments Against Golden Maknae

The hashtag started trending on the microblogging site after certain fans known as OT6, which means those who like only six out of the seven members of the K-pop band, started criticizing Jungkook.

The BTS Army came together to lash out at those OT6 fans and rooted for the Golden Maknae of the Grammy-nominated band.

Some of the fans also took offence when Jungkook recently met Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park and shared a picture with him on Instagram.

In the past, Jungkook was also criticised for his performances by some of the haters of the artist.

In 2017, Jungkook’s performance on the song Rainism along with his fellow band members was hated by many OT6 fans since it focused too much on the singer.

The OT6 members complained that the rest of the members did not get the opportunity to show their talent since it was mainly Jungkook who sang his rendition of the K-pop hit by Rain.

BTS recently returned from the US and are preparing for the release of their new album, set to release in June.