Yesteryear heroine Vanisri was one of the busiest actresses in Telugu films.

She quit acting in the 1970s after she got married and settled down.

She was paired with ANR in many films including Premanagar etc.

Vanisri also acted with all top heroes including NTR,Shobhan Babu, Krishna and in Tamil.

She was a style icon of the 60s & 70s, known for her saris & hair bouffants.

Vanisri also made a comeback to films and acted in a Telugu serial.

She was called Kalabhinetri and won many awards including Filmfare & Nandi.

Vanisri used only Mac make up, but for a Bapu's film she went deglam for the 1st time!

She lost her son Abhinaya Karthik in 2020 and went off from public gaze.

She was recently spotted in Tirumala on Thursday & fans were happy to see her and took selfies.