Fan's Gesture Of Love Stuns Puspha Director Sukumar

Suvikshith Bojja is the hero of an upcoming film- Doordarshini, is said to be a great admirer of Sukumar.

Suvikshith Bojja grew a paddy field in his farm land in such a way that the crops formed the shape of Sukumar's face & Pushpa 2 title.

The fan from YSR Kadapa sowed paddy crops for fifty days on his two and a half acres of land.

He cultivated paddy in Boreddigaripalli village in YSR Kadapa district, which took 50 days of hard work to bring that look.

He captured the footage of this crop using a drone, and showed it to the filmmaker.

Director Sukumar was overwhelmed with emotion after seeing the video.

A song also was made in Sukumar’s name which was played in the backdrop of the video.

The director who sparked a pan-India frenzy with his film with Allu Arjun, was stunned to see the young man’s love for him.

The video stands as a testament to the range in which affection can be expressed.

Meanwhile, Allu Arjun fans are eagerly awaiting news about Pushpa-2 ... Thaggede Le folks, so are we!