Secret Garden: Everything about this drama is nearly perfect. It's romance + fantasy + comedy + heart touching

Coffee Prince:Actor Gong Yoo takes your breath away. A light romantic comedy

Crash Landing on You: The couple, the setting in North Korea, the plot. A must watch!

Sky Castle: Rich South Korean families and their obsession with getting their kids into Ivy League schools by hook or crook!

Love Marriage and Divorce: The title says it all. Mind-blowing screenplay

What Happens to My Family: A must watch for all the parents and children. This K drama will make you laugh and cry

The World of the Married: Oh what all can happen with married couples is just so unbelievable!

Cinderella And The Four Knights

Because This Is My First Life: A cute, offbeat romantic drama for a change

Cunning Single Lady: A woman discovers her ex-husband has become rich. She tortures him in funny way for her share claiming credit for his success

Touch Your Heart: This is definitely worth the wait and comeback of second leads of Goblin cast! Really good chemistry, beautiful actors!

The Lady in Dignity: Unpredictable, classy and funny all at the same time. This is true women empowerment!

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim:The lead couple have their chemistry bang on—they are funny, emotional yet

Something in the Rain: You will be in complete awe of this romantic K drama.