The year 2022 marked the end of a glorious era in Tollywood with demise of several veteran Tollywood celebrities including Krishna and Krishnam Raju.

The true blue Superstar of Tollywood G Krishna died on on November 15.He is popular star Mahesh Babu's father.

His close friend- the Rebel Star Krishnam Raju died before him on September 11.

Navarasa Natana Sarvabhouma Kaikala Satyanarayana who acted with both the seniors and younger generation of Tollywood actors died on December 23.

Krishna's son & Mahesh Babu's brother -actor Ramesh Babu demise was the 1st one this year. He died on January 8th. Their mother Indira Devi died on September 28.

Another Tollywood veteran Mannava Balayya passed away on April 9. An acclaimed character artist , writer, director & producer, he made films with Krishna, Sobhan Babu & Chiranjeevi.

Senior Telugu film director Tatineni Rama Rao who directed NTR's famous Yamagola among other successful films with senior heroes, died on April 20.

The Babai of Tollywood,senior character actor T Chalapathi Rao died just before Christmas on December 24. Another artist who has acted with Sr NTR & Jr NTR and actors of both generations.

Veteran Telugu filmmaker and actor Vallabhaneni Janardhan who worked with the likes of Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi died on December 29.

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