Buoyed by the huge success of KGF, Prashanth Neel is planning to continue the franchise

Yes. KGF Chapter 3 is on cards, if one were to go by what was shown at the end of the movie

Prashanth Neel hinted at shooting part 3 of the hugely successful Pan India movie, KGF

Yash fans are ecstatic after learning they will get to see Rocky Bhai yet another time on the big screen

We know that Pushpa plot is similar to KGF in terms of a commoner forging partnership with the mafia and dreaming to become the syndicate leader

If KGF part 3 really happens, then it is highly likely that Sukumar too will plan Pushpa 3 for Allu Arjun

But again. It all depends on the response Allu Arjun's Pushpa The Rule will get