BTS Jungkook Stylish Looks Till Date

Youngest Memeber - BTS's youngest member, Jeon Jungkook, has a sizable fan base. He adores kombucha, lip balms, high-end designer clothing, and all things opulent.

2013 - BTS started in 2013, and Jungkook, then 15 years old, was a monochrome lover.

Young Forever - Jungkook kept things simple by using pastel colours.

2016 was the year of pink.

Sporty look for the win.

2017 - Jungkook favoured dark colours, from oversized shirts to bomber jackets and bucket hats.

Jungkook’s style is kinda minimalistic but still unique.

2018 - Aside from making bold fashion statements, jungkook enjoys experimenting with different hair colours.

At Butter promotions, stylish yet laid back look.

2020 - Among the other BTS members like Jin, Jimin, J-Hope and RM, Jungkook has been seen in all-black ensembles of late.

Jungkooks fashion is more casual and practical.

2021 - Jungkook keeps serving quintessential gen z looks - chunky shoes, baggy jeans, and bucket hats in tow.

Jungkook aka Jeon Jung-kook is also a fashion savant.

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