Deepika Padukone Super Chic Style Files

Leather Fever - edgy and bold, Deepika rocked this ‘Biker Chick’ aesthetic

Monochrome from Head-to-Toe - She totally nailed the monotone athleisure looks, Comfy and chic never looked so sexy!

Desi Girl - She made headlines with her yellow saree with hints of powder blue, and for all the right reasons.

Taking Corsets for a spin - she took it up a notch by wearing it over her baggy white shirt. Pair it with baggy jeans and voila!

Do It ‘Runway’ Style - The material, the cuts, the frills and of course, the colour, everything fits in just right. It’s not too much, it’s not too less, it’s just… Perfect.

Back To Black - Black is classy, elegant and bold- the 3 words that also describe Deepika Padukone

Genderless Fashion - Gone are the days of flowy ‘girl-next-door’ dresses. Deepika is here to shake things up with… Pantsuits!

83 mania - To add to the existing glory of 83, Deepika graced the red carpet with some jaw-dropping looks.

The Royal Touch - Go for loud colours and prints, preferably one colour from head to toe to look absolutely regal in every sense of the word.

All About Sequins - Add that shimmer just like Deepika! She shines bright just like the star she is.

DP with an LV bag