Mango season is upon us, lets take a look at why Grandma was right in soaking mangoes in water before eating them

The milky sap on the stem of the mango contain a natural molecule known as phytic acid it generates heat in the body also considered an anti-nutrient.

Soaking helps getting rid of the excess phytic acid present in mangoes which blocks the absorption of minerals like iron, zinc, calcium promoting mineral deficiencies

Mangoes have a lot of phytochemicals. Therefore soaking them reduces their concentration, making them act as ‘natural fat busters’

Mangoes also raise the temperature of the body resulting in the production of thermogenesis, soaking mangoes in water for a while reduces it.

Helps in preventing skin issues like acne, pimples and also other health issues like headaches, constipation and other gut-related issues

Washes away the pesticides and insecticides they are poisonous and can affect the body causing different side-effects