Did you know that the names we use for these products are actually synonymous with the brand name

Google started in 1998 which is a 'Search Engine'.Today, people use google means to look up on the internet, regardless of which search engine is used

Escalator invented in the 1900, it's supposed to be called: Conveyor transport device, moving stairway

What it's supposed to be called: Copy machine, photocopier is a company called Xerox, 1938.

Ping Pong was trademarked in 1901 as a brand of table tennis products named for the sound the ball makes when it hits the table

Company: TelePrompTer Corporation; What its supposed to be called 'Prompting device, automatic prompting device' is referred to as teleprompter

Velcro supposed to be called: Hook-and-loop fasteners in 1955 patented it under the name 'Velcro' a combination of "velour" and "crochet"