Char Minar Bazaar- Popular for pearls, especially Basra Pearl, a kind of natural gems that originates in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East

Begum Bazaar- Famous for Bidri work, the art of inlaying gold or silver on iron objects

Koti Sultan Bazar- Bangles, dresses, shoes, household items, what not... everything is available here

Laad Bazaar or Choori Bazaar- Famous for its huge collection of bangles

Nampally Market - One could find different products like footwear, bangles, clothes, handbags, jewelry, wallet and handicrafts.

Pot Market- Its a place where one could find all kinds of jewelry items be it real, artificial or modern, and also garments, utensils, etc.,

Shahran Market- One could find beautiful burqas apart from other stylish outfits for women