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Mary, the mother of Jesus, is unquestionably the senior saint within the Christian tradition.

An accidental virgin - The Old Testament states that a “virgin will conceive & bear a son called Emmanuel”.

The gospel of Matthew tells us that Mary was pregnant “with child from the Holy Spirit”.

In the gospels of Matthew & Luke, she is specifically mentioned at only three events in the life of Jesus.

Mother Mary is present at a wedding where Jesus turns water into wine.

Mary makes an attempt to see Jesus while he is teaching.

Mother of God -Mary is there at his crucifixion.

Mary ascended into heaven and her body arose on the third day after her death & was then taken up bodily into heaven.

Mary is a sky goddess always dressed in blue.

Mary was related to the star sign Virgo, the Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Angels.

She was the goddess of the moon and the star of the sea (Stella Maris).