Koh-i-noor: a diamond belonging to the Peacock Throne of Mughal Emperors was ceded to Queen Victoria in 1849

Koh-i-noor 105.6-carat diamond is mounted on the platinum crown of the Queen Elizabeth II

Ring of Tipu Sultan: Tipu Sultan’s ring was allegedly taken by the Britishers the from his slain body

Tipu’s 41.2 gm oval ring has the name of the Hindu God Rama inscribed on it

Shah Jahan’s wine cup: A wine cup made of white jade was stolen by Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie and sent to Britain

Rosetta Stone: A basalt block dating back to 197 BC in 3 different Egyptian language is kept at British Museum in London

French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte obtained Rosetta Stone from Egypt, later acquired by British

Amaravati marbles: Collection of 70 pieces of India's famed Amaravati sculptures in British Museum

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