United Nations released a study about pollution and climate change, here are the top ranking countries

At the 10th spot is Thailand followed by France and Spain at 9th and 8th respectively

Ranking 7th is the People’s Republic of China generating an average of 7.72 tonnes of CO2, 24% of global CO2 emissions

Canada Ranks in the 4th place with 16,85 CO2 emissions for each of its 38 million inhabitants. Most of it comes from oil, gas, and transportation

The United States ranks 5th generating 15% of all CO2 emissions, reported by the Global Carbon Project owing to industry, electricity and transport

The OPEC countries Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ranking in at 2nd and 3rd respectively together responsible for 60,54 tonnes of CO2 per capita

The emirate of Qatar is the highest CO2 emitter per capita in the world, with 37,05 tonnes of CO2 coming from a population of just 2 million people