Telugu Film Director and producer- BN Reddy was the first Telugu recipient in 1974. A celluloid poet, he directed 11 timeless classics including Malliswari.

Paidi Jairaj in 1980. Not many know that Jairaj was a Telugu man from Hyderabad, and acted in 170 films. He was also instrumental in setting up the Filmfare awards.

LV Prasad-Actor-director-producer in 1982.Has the distinction of acting in the first talkie film produced Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and also founder of famous Prasad Studios.

Producer B Nagi Reddy in 1986. Founder of famous Vijaya Vauhini studios which was one of the biggest studios in Asia.

Akkineni Nageshwara Rao in 1990- ANR was one of the finest actors in TFI who acted in more than 250 films in 75 years.

Movie Moghul D Ramanaidu. The man with the midas touch has produced 130 films with Guinness Book of World Record for producing films in 9 languages

Kalatapasvi K Viswanath in 2016. The director par excellence has brought international recognition for Telugu films & made films depicting Indian culture & fine arts.