McDonalds Vegan McPlant Burger: 5 Plant Based Meat for Veggies

McDonald's UK Adds Vegan Burger To Its Permanent MenuAccording to McDonald's official release

It took three years develop McPlant burger that includes a vegan meat patty, a vegan cheese slice based on pea protein and more.

McPlant burger is marked as McDonald's first official fully plant-based burger option

Demand for meat alternatives has been increasing over the years.

McDonald's UK gave their plant-based burger permanent spot in the menu.

McDonald's UK took to its official Twitter handle to make announcement.

McDonald’s has launched its first-ever vegan McPlant burger, which is now available in all its restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

The new McPlant burger, which took more than three years to launch, contains a plant-based patty developed by Beyond Meat, vegan cheese, vegan sauce and vegan sesame bun.