Human being is a creature of habit, but when these become shackles of addiction? Here are some signs of addiction

The substance or activity is used in larger amounts or for a longer period of time than was intended or considered healthy. A compulsion is created.

Addiction hampers obligations at work, school, or home .Use of the substance or activity continues despite the social or interpersonal problems it causes.

There is a desire to cut down but most of these are failed attempt, harming self image.

Tolerance builds, the same amount of substance doesn’t reach the same effect, and the use is then markedly increased.

A significant amount of time is spent on the substance or activity, There is a craving or strong desire to use the substance or engage in the activity.

Addiction has taken hold of a person once they are fully aware that it’s causing them harm but continue to abuse the substance anyway. There is a desire to cut down on use or unsuccessful efforts to do so.