Hyderabad Only City To Have Tallest BR Ambedkar & Buddha Statues In The World!

BR Ambedkar’s statue is 125-feet& includes a 50-foot Parliament edifice which is built on 11.5 Acres of land at a cost of Rs 150 Crores.

Sculptors Ram V Sutar & Anil Sutar who previously worked for Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s ‘Statue Of Unity’ have been roped in for this project.

Ambedkar holds a “Constitution of India” book in his left hand, and the right hand points forward.

It weighs around 474 tonnes,where 114 tonnes of bronze was used for exterior & 360 tonnes of non-corrosive stainless steel to build the statue’s internal strength.

The structure will house a museum, an audio-visual 100-seater auditorium & a library will also be built in due course.

Interestingly Hyderabad has the largest monolith Buddha statue erected in the Hussain Sagar in 1982.

On 14 October 1956, Ambedkar converted to Buddhism Nagpur along with his followers.

He chose Buddhism as the best path & believed in the principles of morality, equality, justice -all enshrined in the Indian Constitution’s Preamble...

To mark the birth anniversary of the Father of the Indian Constitution...

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