Adityanath's original name was Ajay Singh Bisht He has B.Sc. degree from HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar. By Shyamala Tulasi

Adityanath’s father passed away on April 20, 2020, but he didn’t attend his father’s last rites due to lockdown despite being the CM

Adityanath is the founder of the Hindu Yuva Vahini to protect cows

Adityanath has been winning the Gorakhpur seat since 1998 & was the youngest MP(26) in the 12th Lok Sabha

. He formed Anti Romeo squads to eliminate eve teasers who trouble girls

Yogi Adityanath says he is not against Hindu-Muslim marriages unless based in mutual trust with no deceit in such relationships

He will taking oath as UP Chief Minister for the 2nd time in 2022 along with 20 ministers and 2 deputy CMS