The heritage Secunderabad Club was established by the Bristish Army in 1878.It was originally known as Secunderabad Gymkhana Club.

The Secunderabad Club is an elite club & one of the 5 oldest Clubs in India. Established the Garrisons it was recognized as an Indian Heritage Site.

Legend has it, that the donor Sir Salar Jung Bhahadur II used Sec'bad Club premises as a hunting lodge.

Until 1947 only British Citizens were allowed to be President, & d only a handful of high ranking Hyderabad nobility were given membership.

The Secunderabad Club is probably one of the few Clubs in the world which has its own Sailing Annexe & the only Club in India to have its own Printing Press.

A colonnade patterned in the Old British style, Ball Room are some of the facilities it boasts of.

It retained and renovated the old transit rooms of the British era only for club members use.

The Secunderabad Club has a large food court that provides a multitude of cuisines.

There is a pair of Cannons inherited as part of the estate of Salarjung Bahadur. The engraving on the guns point to the year 1756.

A devastating and massive fire gutted the 144-year-old historic Secunderabad Club, in the early hours of Sunday, Jan 16th, 2022.

7 fire engines were deployed to douse the fire.Police have registered a case and are investigating the incident. The damage to the property is estimated to be more than Rs 20 crore.

The club’s library, Colonnade Bar, liquor stores were are among the structures completely destroyed in the fire.