T20 World Cup 2021: India vs Pakistan Match takes place on October 24

During the third ODI of Pakistan's tour of India in 2007, Gambhir hit a boundary off Afridi and uttered a few words. umpires intervened and seperated the two

Kamran Akmal made an appeal for a catch when Gautam Gambhir was batting. The appeal was turned down. They both almost butted heads while exchanging glares

India needed seven runs to win off the last over against Pakistan. To unsettle Harbhajan, Akhtar said some nasty words to him. However, Harbhajan kept his cool and hit a huge six off the 5th ball to lead India to victory

During 2004 championship, Shoaib Akhtar tired to hold Dravid during middle of a run

javed got annoyed at Kiran More's excessive appeals from behind the stumps and complained to the umpire

After hitting a boundary off Prasad on the off-side, Sohail pointed to the boundary, showed where Prasad belonged. However, in the next ball Prasad took wicket Sohail.